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How do we protect your information?

We offer the use of Paypal & Google Online payment to secure and maintain the safety of your personal information
when you place an order or access your personal information wth us. After a transaction, your private information
(credit cards, visa cards, master cards) will be protected by mbt tours and


Read our Payment Instructions and Refund Policy

When you are finish submitting the form, please return to the same page below for online payment for your transfer.
Our company policy requires a 10% or 20% deposit on all airport transfers one to two days before arrival. If choose not to use our service upon arrival and after requesting a refund, there will be no refund. if you cancel up to 24 to 48 hrs prior to arrival,there will be a 20% refund fee. You can pay using paypal or Google payment on our website. PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have a PayPal or Google account to make a deposit/payment. Deposits/payments can be made by credit/debit cards with. Follow the direction carefully; beside the Add to Cart buttom you click the
dropdown bar and select.... your location and go to the dropdown icon for private car/bus, then
click the add to cart button, when the shooping cart open, you go to the right top and put in the amount and update the cart, then choose the provider, paypal or google check out at the Bottom of the cart. Once you make the
payment, we will send you your receipt. If you have any problem let us know. Please call!

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