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The Bob Marley Museum Kingston ---Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

The Bob Marley Museum is a museum in Kingston, Jamaica, dedicated to the reggae musician Bob Marley. The museum is located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6, and is Bob Marley's former place of residence. It was home to the Tuff Gong record label which was founded by The Wailers in 1970. In 1976, it was the site of a failed assassination attempt on Bob Marley.

The Bob Marley Museum is dedicated to the memory of the late reggae superstar, Robert "Bob" Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is located in Marley's original studio where he recorded many of his songs. The property is extremely large and due to the fact many other businesses are on the grounds of the Bob Marley Museum. Here you will find a vast amount of paraphernalia. However we examine why there is a Bob Marley Museum and the importance of the Kingston Jamaica artiste to the locals and tourists as well. Entry fee: Cost for Adult. US$20.00 per/person
Children: US$10. The Tour is 1Hour

Devon House Heritage Site Kingston-Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Devon House is a national monument and heritage site that actively promotes the development of authentic Jamaican arts, Jamaican craft, Jamaican education and Jamaican entertainment in a comfortable and safe environment. Devon House is maintained as a clean and attractive green space in the urban landscape providing a secure recreational, shopping and dining area for its Kingston Jamaica patrons. Devon House has a role in national development is being improved by educating the public about the historical relevance of Devon House and positioning the property as a centre for all types of Jamaican cultural activity as well as an attraction for
Kingston Jamaica locals and tourists.


Historical Port Royal Kingston---Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Port Royal is undoubtedly the most renowned Jamaican historical site.
The primary historical site is Fort Charles. This is the oldest and largest of the Kingston Jamaica city's six fortresses. Fort Charles in Port Royal was built in the 17th century by Lord Horatio Nelson, Admiral Rodney and Sir. Once known as the 'Wickedest City on Earth,' Port Royal on the island of Jamaica was one of the largest towns in the English colonies during the late 17th century. It was a haven for privateers and pirates, such as the famed Sir Henry Morgan, due to its excellent geographic location in the middle of the Caribbean. From Port Royal, these buccaneers preyed upon and plundered the heavily laden treasure fleets departing from the Spanish Main. Unfortunately, the glory of Port Royal was short-lived.

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