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Things to do and places see in Port Antonio Jamaica

The Blue Lagoon ---- Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Blue Lagoon is seven miles east of Port Antonio, surrounded by steep hillsides and dense green vegetation. Some claim it to be "bottomless", but experts proclaim it to be about 200 feet at its deepest point. the lagoon is made up of sea water entering from the surface; the surface of the lagoon
meets the surface of the Caribbean Sea where the beach is only a few feet deep, and mineral spring water(river water entering through rocks at the bottom and the soil of the lagoon, fed by the Blue Mountains). While swiiming in the Blue Lagoon you will feel streams of warm water at times,and streams of cold water at others. There are parts where the water is shallow enough to walk right in, some with steep slopes and others with slight slopes. You can even see the mineral water bubbling through the ground in some spots, and they evn use it for spa and therapy purposes. They have A nice restaurant on the water front with a dive shop, even renting kayaks and scuba equipment. I would say no Jamaica trip is complete without a trip here. View Photos

The Somerset Falls---- Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Somerset Falls is a picturesque waterfall which is smaller and more tranquil than Dunn's River Falls. The falls run through a former indigo and spice plantation and are set amongst a scenic backdrop of woodland and rocks. To see the falls you need to take a boat trip up the Daniels River (the price of this trip is included in the entry price).step into the awaiting boat to start your journey into another world which we call ‘the hidden falls. Make sure to get your camera ready! The beauty of the Bridal Veil Falls will take your breath away as you slowly pass their delicate descent. As the boat rounds the corner, you will enter the cave of the hidden falls. Enjoy a waterfall
massage, a dive off the rocks into cool waters, or just a relaxing immersion into the beauty of the cave. View Photos

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The Rio Grande Rafting---Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

A relaxing trip aboard a bamboo raft poled along by a local boatmen is a familiar symbol of Jamaica and represents the island's first tourist activity other than its beaches. Bamboo rafting in Jamaica originated on the Rio Grande, a river in Port Antonio area. Although it's not exactly adventurous, it's a tame and safe outing, rafting the Rio Grande is the best rafting experience on the island, and the most fun. Rafting started on the river as a means of transporting bananas from plantations to waiting freighters. The rafts, some 10m (33ft.) long and only 2m (6 ft.) wide, are propelled by stout bamboo poles. There's a raised double seat about two-thirds of the way back. The Raft take you along the lively river, about 13km (8 miles) between steep hills covered with coconut plams, banana plantations, and flowers, through limestone cliffs pitted with caves.

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