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The Y.S Fall Waterfall--- Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

The beautiful YS Falls opened in 1990. It is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the waterfalls surrounded by flora and fauna, many indigenous to the area There are seven waterfalls, several which cascade into natural pools. Some areas are fairly rocky and do not allow swimming. Lifeguards on site, indicate which areas are for swimming, however, being able to swim is a requirement. There is a natural pool, fed by underground and above ground springs, which is more suitable for children and others unable to swim. Take a view of Y.S. Falls
Open Tuesday-Sunday- 9am-5pm:

Close Mondays and Public Hoildays
Entry Fee: US$15.00

The Black River Safari Boat Tour----Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Black River is the capital of St. Elizabeth Parish, in southwestern Jamaica.
It sits at the mouth of the river of the same name. Once a thriving sugar port, it is today a centre of environmental tourism and a gateway to the Treasure Beach resort area; Treasure Beach and Crane Beach are to the south-east with Luana Beach to the west. In the Town of Black River you have the Black River Safari Tour. The river is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. At a length of 53.4km (33miles), it was believed to be the longest until it was discovered that the Rio Minho was 92.8 km long. Its name refers to the darkness of the river bed caused by thick layers of decomposing vegetation. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in the Black River morass.You can explore what feels like real Tarzan country, with mangrove trees and crocodiles in the wild, on an outing with South Coast Safaris. Lots of wild things grow in these swamps, and birders delight in the bird life. Take a view of Black River

Open Monday-Sunday- 9am-5pm. Price for Boat Tour: US$16.50 per/person

The Appleton Estate Rum Distillery Tour--- Click Here for Booking and Reservation Form

Take a tour through the soul of the finest rums in the world. The Appleton Estate has been blending rums since 1749 and the Rum Distillery is sited beside the Black River in one of the most beautiful valleys in Jamaica, south of Montego Bay.Upon reaching the estate, the tour guides will illustrate the history of rum making in the region. After a lively discussion of the days when sugar cane was crushed by donkey power, the tours move on to a behind the scenes tour of the modern facility. After the tour, you will sample all the rum and wine they made. And visiters will receive a complimentary bottle of rum. They have gift shop, souvenirs and snacks are available.
Open Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm
Entry Fee: US$18.00 per/person

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